"Order less waste less, more blessings"


The problem of food waste is not only about technical issues such as waste treatment; beyond that, cultural themes like the idea of consumption and human relationship with nature are involved too. Moreover, the solution to it should not be restricted to individual action; government policy and even cultural change should also play a significant role. Friends of the Earth (HK) has been working on the following doctrines to tackle food waste:


"Order less waste less, more blessings"


Establish an "Order less waste less, more blessings" culture Many Hong Kong people are known as gourmets, but they may not know to cherish the real value of food. Friends of the Earth (HK) hopes to promote an "Order less waste less, more blessings" culture among people, in the hope that people will take cognizance of the impact of food waste. We expect people to carry this value into other parts of their everyday life.


Address the source of food waste


Friends of the Earth (HK) believes that the key to solving food waste problem is to address it at the source. To make a convincing case for this approach, we need to show pragmatists like Hong Kong people the cost of cutting waste is much lower than that of treating waste. In order to set up waste treatment facilities, the government would have to spend 26.5 billion HKD in the first place. It would cost 770 HKD more to burn every single tonne of waste. In contrast, the cost of reducing one tonne of waste is only about 150 HKD. In case of this, Hong Kong people should be able to make the right choice.


Target industrial and commercial food waste


Friends of the Earth (HK)'s campaign targets industrial and commercial food waste, due to the fact that its rising trend is worrisome. We believe there is a lot to do to cut industrial and commercial food waste before it becomes a bigger burden on society.


Friends of the Earth (HK) proposed "Order less waste less, more blessings" Spring Reception and Banquets in 2010-2011, inviting participation from companies and married couples. Participating parties are encouraged to cut main courses to be served at banquets from eight to six. Also, guests are encouraged to bring their own box and take away leftover food.

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