How much food waste is there?

In Hong Kong, over 3,000 tonnes of food waste is produced every day. In a single year, the volume can soar to over 1 million tonnes, which is equivalent to the weight of 70,000 double decker buses. Among the developed regions in Asia, Hong Kong citizens produce 20-30% more food waste than their South Korean or Taiwanese counterparts.

Most food waste dumped in landfills are still edible and hence avoidable.
According to a study, Hong Kong people spend 350 billion HKD on dining out each year. However, 40% of the food ordered is left uneaten. On this basis, among the 150 HKD spent on lunch, 45 HKD is simply wasted away. In total, the whole HK population squanders 130 billion HKD on wasted food. Putting this in perspective, the amount wasted is enough to feed 2.8 million children in a poor country for a week.

Are you one of them? Likely because nearly 90% of the Hong Kong population admitted that they often cannot finish their meal!





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