How can food waste be recycled?



The government has launched trial programs on food waste reduction/recycling but most of them ended without significant impacts. In recent years, measures on reducing/recycling food waste have been launched:

Year Program
2002  “Electric Composters Trial Program” was launched for residents in 15 housing estates in Shatin to where 15 electric composters were leased. Participating rate was only 4%.
2003 The program “Wet/Dry Sorting Trial”, which aimed to encourage the public to reduce waste at source, suspended because of SARS.
2006 The trial program “Pay as You Throw”, launched in 20 housing estates, was suspended 3 months after it started because the bags provided for collecting food waste were thin and small, unattractive to residents.
2008 Kowloon Bay Pilot Composting Plant was set up for recycling food waste, with a capacity of 1.5 metric tonnes per day.

The "Waste to Food Community Pilot Programme”, organized by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden and sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund, was an initiative to develop a locally adaptable vermi-composting system. A total of 60 vermi-composting bins were made and vermin-composting tests were conducted in communities.

"Food Waste-Recycling Partnership Scheme”, set up by the Environmental Protection Department together with the commercial and industrial sector at the end of 2009, promoted reduction and recovering of kitchen waste. Participating institutions collected source separated food waste to Pilot Composting Plants for recycling.
Environment and Conservation Fund Committee earmarked HK$50 million to subsidise schools to conduct conversion works and install facilities necessary for implementing "On-site Meal Portioning”.
2011 An allocation of HK$50 million was approved to encourage housing estates and non-governmental bodies to organize educational activities to raise residents’ awareness of the importance of food waste reduction. In order to encourage active participation, participating housing estates will also be subsidized to install facilities to recycle food waste.
2015 Organic Resource Recovering Centre at Siu Ho Wan, North Lantau is estimated to have a daily capacity of recovering 200 metric tonnes of food waste when it comes to operation.
2018 Organic Resource Recovery Centre at Sha Leng in Northern district is estimated to have a daily capacity of recovering 300 metric tonnes of food waste when it comes to operation.

Some Food Waste Recycling/ Reduction Programme in Hong Kong:

Food Waste Recycling Projects in Housing Estates
On-site Meal Portioning Projects in Schools
Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme
Green Delight in Estates - Food Waste Recycling Scheme





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