Policy recommendations


The problem of food waste requires efforts beyond the individual level, i.e. government policy initiatives would be necessary. We hope that with the authorities' involvement we will transform the community away from wasting food.

Friends of the Earth (HK) urges the government to endorse the implementation of a landfill ban on food waste. The primary strategy, as we recommend, would be to address the source of food waste, with the recycling schemes playing a supplementary role.


Feasible policy recommendations:


Implement waste charging – to encourage people to reduce their waster and recycle food waste through economic means.


Establish an all-rounded recycling system – at present channels collecting food waste for recycling use are far from enough in Hong Kong. Although the government has already planned to build two organic waste treatment facilities at Siu Ho Wan of North Lantau and Shaling at North District in 2014 and 2016, the maximum daily capacity is only 500 tonnes, which is equivalent to 15% of all the food waste produced in Hong Kong. In consequence, Friends of the Earth (HK) believes that the government could do more, which includes:


Advancing community recycling networks by setting up recycling centre or collection points in each district.


Constructing more public or private food waste treatment facilities. Separate food waste from other solid waste and apply Anaerobic Digestion Technology to process food waste properly.


Execute landfill ban on food waste – The government should not allow food waste being dumped in landfills; instead, it must be recycled. Overseas countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark are some good role models.




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