To Donate Food


Want to donate food? Here are some ways!

Small Amount Donation:

- Pre-packed Food/ Party Leftover/Vegetables from wet market and etc.. (for example, 10 cans of milk formula, 10 packs of juice, 5 packs of noodles and 10kg of vegetables and etc)
Donation Method

Directly contact charity groups under the 'Food Donation Alliance'
- Please match the locations and food preferences of the charity groups
- Map showing the locations of all members from 'Food Donation Alliance'

Or donate to a local facebook group

- Banquet Leftover
Donation Method 1. Order the right amount. To cut one more two dishes.

2. Please encourage guests to take away the leftover
- check out a reference video prepared by' The Leftovers'.
- encourage guests to prepare their own boxes to take away the food.

3. To donate to a local facebook group by yourselves

4. If you foresee any leftover, please email( call us on 2528-5588 at least 2 weeks in advance.
Please provide the following information:

  • Date of the banquet
  • Estimate number of ending time
  • Venue (please check with the hotels/restaurants if they are doing food donation programme or not)
  • Estimate number of participant

We will contact charity groups under the 'Food Donation Alliance' to receive the leftover, but they might not be able to accept the donation due to the lack of manpower and resources.
Charity group might charge an certain amount of money to cover the transportation cost.

Large Amount Donation: (for exapmle, 1 tonne or above of food/ 100 litre or above of drinks)

Register now with the following inoformation! We will contact our 'Food Donation Alliance' members and get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact person and contact method
Type of donation
Amount of donation
Best before date / Use by date
Pick-up Venue
Reason of Donation
Remarks (eg, provide free delivery)

For urgent case (for example, the stock has to be removed in a day), please fill in the online form and call us on 2528-5588.

We will try our best to find the suitable charity groups in our 'Food Doantion Alliance' to receive the donation.




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