Donation Case Sharing


With the great efforts of our 'Food Donation Alliance' members, over 128 tonnes of food and 30,000 litres of drinks are saved since July 2012. Here are some of the food donation cases:

12 tonnes of frozen carrot and potato
  Donor generously donated 5 tonnes of frozen carrot and 7 tonnes of frozen potato to our 'Food Donation Allinace'. All food were shared with the members of 'Food Donation Alliance' and numerous number of citizen.


4 tonnes of cooked rice
  Due to the black rainstorm signal, all schools were suspended for a day. Lunch box supplier therefore donated 4 tonnes of cooked rice to the 'Food Donation Alliance'.

15,480 bottles of water
  Due to the cancellation of a planned function, a company donated 15,480 bottles of water to 'Food Donation Alliance'.


17,380 cantaloupe melon
  With the referral by one of our members from 'Food Donation Alliance'- Food Angel, 17,380 cantaloupe melons were received and shared amoung the 'Food Donation Alliance'. People shared the melon happily. Some of them made a delicious dish with the melons!







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