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"Waste No Food" Campaign


Echo “Waste No Food” Campaign on World Food Day, 16 Oct 2015 by all schools in Hong Kong

Treasuring food is a virtue, and also an important act of protecting the Earth. Support and joint action of the whole community are the key to cherishing food. As the World Food Day approaches, Friends of the Earth (HK) would like to invite all schools in Hong Kong to echo the "Waste No Food" Campaign. The theme for this year is ‘Cherish Food Corps’ – collectively, we can tackle the food waste problem and establish a correct attitude towards cherishing food. Over 200 secondary and primary schools echoed the “Waste No Food” Campaign 2014.

Currently, more than 9,500 tonnes of municipal solid waste are disposed of every day, of which 38% is food waste. Most of this food waste, however, is still edible; while at the same time, 1.2 million Hong Kong people are living below the poverty line and do not have sufficient food.

We sincerely invite your school to echo our “Waste No Food” Campaign on the World Food Day, 16 Oct 2015 (Friday), by promoting the message of “Cherish Food. Waste No Food” to your fellow teachers and students, and encouraging them to take actions in reducing food waste.

To deepen students’ understanding on the environmental consequences of food wastage, while encouraging them to reflect on their attitude towards food, and to take real actions in treasuring food in daily life..

Target: All Secondary, Primary and Kindergarden Schools in Hong Kong

Action Date: 16 Oct 2015 (Fri) (Schools are welcome to extend the campaign to more than one day, or even a week)

Suggested actions and educational resources available:

(1) Share the message of ‘Waste No Food’
Action: Share the message of ‘Waste No Food’ to your fellow teachers and students during the morning assembly and encourage them to take actions in reducing food waste in daily life.
Resources: the education and promotion materials listed below will be available for all participating schools in early October:

Resources provided by the FoE(HK): Suggested Use
“Waste No Food” Campaign Poster Put up in campus

“Waste No Food” video / audio appeal (approx. 2.5mins)
To raise students’ awareness on the problem of food wastage and suggest green steps in saving food in daily life

Broadcast during morning assembly, lunchtime, or in classroom
“Waste No Food” General Studies/Liberal Studies Teaching Materials Teachers may lead a discussion in the General Studies/Liberal Studies lesson.
E-book "Gift from Nature – Volume 1 & 2" (in Chinese)

- Extended reading materials which introduce sources and nutrition of food ingredients

- Download here

‘Cherish Food Corps’ Interactive Teaching Materials Electronic version of interactive themed activity including activity guidelines, Cherish Food Diary and “Cherish Tool” stickers
Action tips (printed as small notices) Put up at canteen or classrooms as daily reminders
Rental of education materials and resources To assist 'waste no food' activities at school

(2) Themed activity -'Cherish Food Corps':
All students are invited to join the Cherish Food Corps and pledge to finish all food during lunchtime on the World Food Day. Take a photo with your empty dishes and share it on your school webpage or the Facebook page of Friends of the Earth (HK) to let the public know the footprints of the ‘Cherish Food Corps’. (Activity guidelines will be provided to participating schools)
(3) Wet Market Food Recycling Tour (conducted in Cantonese)
Follow food recycling teams to local wet markets in the evening to collect and assist in distributing unsold vegetables. The experiential tour allows students to understand the demand and supply of food and ways of tackling food wastage. Details will be sent to participating schools via e-mail in mid-October. Priority will be given to schools participating in the ‘Cherish Food Corps’ Themed activity.

Join the campaign:
Please download and send the completed form to Friends of the Earth (HK) by email ( or fax (2529-2777) on or before 30 Sept 2015.

Enquires: Ms Rachel Tang / Ms Janet Yuen, Friends of the Earth (HK)
Tel: 3184-1518 or 3184-1522 / Email: / website:

There will be a series of public activities and promotional events starting from mid-October, with an aim to establish a better community atmosphere in cherishing food resources and let the public and young people to have a deeper understanding in the environmental problem generated from food waste.

Download 2014 Education Resources:
Click HERE

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